Childrens Week With Simply Smiles Dental

Children’s Week With Simply Smiles Dental

As part of Children’s Week (21–29 October), Simply Smiles Dental is encouraging adults to teach children good dental habits.

Children who develop good habits early have a great chance of having them for life, avoiding dental disease, and having better overall health.

Children’s Week was created to focus the attention of Australia on children, their achievements, and their needs. In support of Australia’s children during the week, Simply Smiles Dental is zeroing in on the importance of taking care of your teeth from an early age.

The Tooth Fairy And Dental Care For Kids

The Tooth Fairy And Dental Care For Kids

As a parent, you know exactly who the tooth fairy is. As you do with Santa at Christmas time, you embody the spirit of this beloved icon when your children lose baby teeth.

With the deftness of a ninja,  you sneak around in the darkness of night, slip your hand beneath the pillow and retrieve the tooth, leaving cold, hard cash in its place with nary a disturbance of your little one’s dreams.

This rite of passage is celebrated the same way in Australia, England, Canada and the United States, but your dentist in Melbourne has unearthed its origins and other traditions around the world.