The Anatomy Of A Tooth

The Anatomy of a Tooth

In a lifetime you will have two complete sets of teeth. First, are the primary teeth or baby teeth. Children usually have 20 teeth.

A baby starts getting teeth at six months and lose them at age 13 years. The roots on primary teeth are not as deep or firmly fixed in the bone as permanent teeth.

The permanent teeth or adult teeth come in between ages 6 and 14 years old.

There are 32 adult teeth in a typical mouth. These teeth should last a lifetime. The enamel of a tooth is the hardest material in your body. It has to withstand the impact of chewing and grinding food.

Oral Cancer Screening: An Important Part of Your Six-Month Checkup

Oral Cancer Screening

You already know that your dentist checks for cavities and gum disease at each six-month dental checkup, but you may not be aware of the life-saving screening he performs during these visits.

While peering inside your mouth to check your teeth and gums, your dentist Melbourne at Simply Smiles Dental is also looking for signs of oral cancer.

Dental Cleans And Dental Checkups In Melbourne: The Best Investment For A Lifetime Of Healthy Smiles

It is important to protect your teeth and yourself as soon as possible.

Preventative Care Program In Melbourne The Best Investment For A Lifetime Of Healthy Smiles

Dental and oral problems continue to plague a lot of people. These issues may vary in severity. They range from a simple tooth stain to complicated tooth infections. Yet, they are of the same pervasiveness. They can affect any person at any day.

Your dental care experts make every effort to treat all these conditions. Still, success is not an absolute guarantee. Despite this difficult challenge, it is good to know that dentistry is not solely about treatment. It can also be for prevention. You can easily shun these dental and oral concerns through the Dental Cleans And Dental Checkups In Melbourne offered by your local dentist in Melbourne and Toorak.

Dental Checkups for Improved Overall Health

Dental Checkups for Improved Overall Health

Keeping your gums in great condition goes far beyond maintaining fresh breath – it can actually help you maintain your overall health and vitality. This is because gum disease has been linked with a number of other health conditions that can have devastating effects on the entire body.

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is preventable and even reversible in its earliest stage, and the best way to ensure the health of your gums is to obtain regular dental checkups in Melbourne from Dr. Halim Prayogo.