The Importance Of Healthy Gums - toorak dentist

The Importance Of Healthy Gums

The Importance Of Healthy Gums - toorak dentistLet us pause a second and think about one of the most overworked parts of our body that we almost never think about – our gums!

We tend to ignore them event though they are the gatekeepers to our body. And not thinking about our gums can be unfortunate because over 20% of people in Australia have at least moderate gum disease according to the Australian Department of Health.

Gums are not just necessary to hold teeth in place, in fact healthy gums and teeth are necessary for a healthy body. Which is why we here at Simply Smiles Dental in Toorak want to help protect you from gum disease!

What Is Gum (Periodontal) Disease?

Gingivitis is caused by the presence of bacteria in the mouth and places for the bacteria to build up and stay.   This buildup causes inflammation and irritation, triggering an immune response by the body.  The mildest form of gum (periodontal) disease is called gingivitis. The good news is that gingivitis is extremely treatable and usually reversible. If gingivitis is allowed to remain, however, it can develop into periodontitis, which is much more serious.