Mouth Bacteria May Be Linked to Migraines

mouth-bacteria-may-be-linked-to-migraines-toorak-dentistAre you suffering from headaches and migraines? You might have to blame your mouth. Though it has long been considered that certain foods trigger migraines, a new study suggests that the bacteria from the food left in the mouth may be one of the reasons causing the unbearable headaches.

According to a new research, people with migraines also had significantly larger amounts of bacteria in their mouth. This bacteria has the ability to break down nitrates found in certain foods. Nitrates, when converted to nitric oxide, widen blood vessels and help circulation.

What are Nitrates?

Nitrates are found in foods such as leafy green vegetables and processed meats as well as in certain medicines. They can be modified into “nitrites” by the bacteria in the mouth. The nitrites can be converted to nitric oxide under certain conditions.

How to Avoid Dental Problems During Pregnancy toorak dentist

How to Avoid Dental Problems During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Dental Problems During Pregnancy toorak dentistSome women may suffer from certain dental problems during their pregnancy. It’s a fact that pregnant women are at higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease than those who are not expecting. This is because, during pregnancy, the increased level of hormones can affect the response of your body to dental plaque.

Just as your oral health connects to your body, dental care is crucial to the health of your developing baby. It is tremendously important to take good care of your teeth and gums during pregnancy as some oral health issues may arise, increasing your risk of complications.

Sports Drinks and Your Oral Health toorak dentist

Sports Drinks and Your Oral Health

Sports Drinks and Your Oral Health toorak dentist

It’s undeniable that sports drinks are extremely popular. But while you are sipping on them, your teeth are getting weaker and weaker. Dental professionals are becoming concerned about the long-term effects of sports drinks and other sugary and acidic beverages.

Sports drinks contain acids and sugars, which can make your precious teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and erosion. The good news is that there are things you can do to protect your smile from future oral health diseases caused by frequent consumption of these types of beverages.

Sports Drinks According to Studies

A number of studies have shown that sports drinks are more corrosive to teeth than energy drinks and sodas. Researchers have found that the high acid and sugar content found in sports drinks can erode the tooth enamel and roots of the teeth.