Whiter, Brighter Teeth on Valentine’s Day

Whiter, Brighter Teeth on Valentine’s Day

Whiter, Brighter Teeth on Valentine’s DayThere are many kinds of kisses – It may be an I love you kiss, or a quick kiss goodbye. But some of the most important kisses are given on Valentine’s Day.

But no matter what kind, a kiss should always be special. But, if our dental health is more ordinary than optimal, or even poor, nobody is going to want to kiss us. And that’s just wrong on Valentine’s Day! Poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath, dingy teeth, an unattractive smile, and even poor general health.

At Simply Smiles Dental we suggest a number of things we can do to ensure that kissability remains constant, on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Your Whitest Smile on Valentine’s Day

One of the least invasive ways to enhance your smile is very effective and inexpensive. The process is teeth whitening. With a range of options, there has never been a better time to try professional tooth whitening.

Whitening Addicts: Too Much of a Good Thing

Whitening Addicts: Too Much of a Good Thing

Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure in Australia, and chances are you already know someone who has brightened his or her smile with this cost-effective treatment. If done correctly and under a dentist’s supervision, teeth bleaching poses few risks to your oral health.

As with any good thing, however, there will always be people who feel that if a little whitening works well, a lot of whitening can work even better. Your Toorak dentist explains why this is faulty thinking and offers tips to avoid becoming a “bleachaholic.”

Your Options For Teeth Whitening

Your Options For Teeth Whitening

Are you self-conscious about opening your mouth in front of others because of your stained teeth?

Coffee, tea, curries, red wine and even the natural aging process can leave your teeth discoloured and dull, but luckily, this is one of the easiest cosmetic dental problems to correct.

All it takes is a professional teeth whitening treatment administered by your Toorak cosmetic dentist at Simply Smiles Dental.

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

The professional whitening treatments offered by dentists are NOT the same as those used within beauty salons and day spa’s. These rudimentary systems are carried out on customers without any initial examination and diagnosis.

Salon Whitening Systems use a much lower concentration and tend to only dry teeth out, making them whiter until they rehydrate and return to their original colour in just a few hours.

Salon Take Home Systems use a very crude, generic mouth tray to apply the bleach, causing wastage of whitening gel and gum burn. Dentist Administered Home Systems include a Custom Made mouth Tray that fits snugly over your teeth, protecting the gums and ensuring direct contact of the gel, where it should be, on the teeth, not the gums.