Tooth Bonding And Your Smile toorak dentist

Tooth Bonding And Your Smile

Tooth Bonding And Your Smile toorak dentistNot all of us are born with perfect teeth, and in some cases our smiles need a bit of help to achieve perfection. In this case cosmetic dentistry is just the thing to maintain or build a stunning white smile.

One dental cosmetic procedure we often recommend at Simply Smiles is tooth bonding. For small damage and imperfections dental bonding can often be the simplest and most economical answer.

If you are looking to improve your smile, at Simply Smiles we are experts in recommending the best and most appropriate treatments, including dental bonding. Give us a call!

Smile Trends

Smile Trends

Not so long ago, porcelain veneers could be spotted from across a crowded room. Thick and opaque, these cosmetic “enhancements” often resembled horse teeth and were hardly an improvement over a person’s natural teeth.

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry materials and techniques have come a long way in recent decades.

This is partly due to patients who just want to subtly enhance what they already have rather than sport Hollywood smiles that scream, “I paid a lot for this!”

Whitening Addicts: Too Much of a Good Thing

Whitening Addicts: Too Much of a Good Thing

Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure in Australia, and chances are you already know someone who has brightened his or her smile with this cost-effective treatment. If done correctly and under a dentist’s supervision, teeth bleaching poses few risks to your oral health.

As with any good thing, however, there will always be people who feel that if a little whitening works well, a lot of whitening can work even better. Your Toorak dentist explains why this is faulty thinking and offers tips to avoid becoming a “bleachaholic.”